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We Now Offer Entrusted Development Services of Apps for iOS/Android

We are now welcoming entrusted development of applications for iOS and Android. With our expertise in document processing technology and software development in a range of fields, we provide strong support for your application development.

Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Our Mission


Seeking Solutions by Software Development

Software development opens up ways to numerous new possibilities for everyone.
At CYPAC, we believe in the unending possibilities of software development and aim to make better changes in people’s lives.

What We Do

As experts in document processing technologies such as full-text searching, character conversion and XML, we develop software for document processing. We also create software specifically made to assist disabled and elderly people using Braille and speech synthesis technology.

Our OS supports Windows, Mac OS X, UNIX (Linux, FreeBSD), iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch), Windows CE and more. We develop desktop applications, CGI, phone applications and other types of software.

Behind the Name

The name CYPAC is an acronym of CYberspace Programming Artists Colony. Developing new software, and in the process, new ideas, can enable us to do things which were once impossible. These ideas are born of artistic elements, such as intuition and sensitivity.

In the wake of recent progress, the IT industry focuses mainly on technology and business. Yet the driving forces behind innovation, intuition and sensitivity, are yet to be appreciated. Technology is valued so much, today’s programmers are sometimes called software technology engineers. While a pianist who lacks technique cannot play the piano, neither can they move their audience by technique alone. The same applies to software. The small but crucial additions to technology, the magic of them, is what moves people.

CYPAC values intuition and sensitivity, and we aspire to please those who use our software. Thus, the words Programming Artists are included in our name.

Open Source

Open Source Softwareのロゴ

At CYPAC, we have opened the source code of much of our software, as it allows many people to access our products easily. In doing so, we wish to help make a flexible system in which accepts many kinds of software.

Open-source software is becoming increasingly popular. However, many people still hesitate to use them. This is mainly because of these three reasons:

  • Worries of insufficient support
  • Difficulties in customising software at own company
  • Wish to use software as a module in closed-source software

CYPAC offers paid services for support and customising. We also have commercial licenses, which we will provide if necessary for closed-source software. Please feel free to contact us for more details.