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Compatibility of DAISY Digital Talking Books in production

We have received reports from makers of DAISY Digital Talking Books saying that that AMIS and EasyReader are able to play their DAISY Digital Talking Books, but Voice of DAISY is not.

In these cases, it is highly likely that the HTML files of the DAISY Digital Talking Book contain a syntax error. The rendering engines used in AMIS and EasyReader automatically rectify most such errors. However, it is necessary to enter the program correctly for the rendering engine used in Voice of DAISY.

It is also possible that the accuracy required of HTML files will increase as iOS and Android are updated, which could result in problems.

For these reasons, we recommend that you check the program with an HTML validator, and eradicate any errors.
FireFox for Windows, for example, will alert you to any errors if you enter Html Validator.