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Elastic Voice

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Elastic Voice
Version 1.3

For iPhone/iPod touch
Audio Player with Speed Control Feature
Suitable for a range of usage from linguistic study, note-taking to listening practices

US$2.99 / 2,99€

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Elastic Voice is a audio file player that can change the playback speed and pitch.

1. Overview

Elastic Voice is playback software for audio files with adjustable playback speed and pitch functions.
Playback speed can be set to between 50% and 250%. Playback pitch can be set to between 80% and 120%.
Both can be set independently during playback.
Elastic Voice can be used for language learning, making meeting minutes from the recorded audio files, high speed listening training, etc.

2. How to Transfer an Audio File

To transfer an audio file to Elastic Voice, use the file transfer function of iTunes with a USB cable.