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Version 1.0

Fast JPEG-PDF Converter App


Supported version : OS X 10.7 or later

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About Jisui…

Jisui is a Mac application that quickly converts JPEG files to a PDF.

Jisui can convert to a PDF in high speed even in from the JPEG image files that span several hundred images.

Moreover, Jisui reduces the image size according to a resolution of iPad and it makes convenient PDF for browsing and carrying.

When to use Jisui

When cutting out and digitalize a book, scanning all the pages at a high resolution previously, saving as JPEG images, then convert at once to a PDF with low-resolution.

The PDF generation application program is attached to a lot of document scanners, and when the scanning images exceed more than 500 pages, it is unstable and operation might become dull.

A PDF file can be made by using Jisui in high speed with keeping stability from a lot of pages.

*   Jisui is a Japanese word which convert into a digital book from cuted out papers with scanner.