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Voice of DAISY for Android

Voice of DAISY Technical Information

Last update: Feb. 17, 2014

This page is intended for people and organizations wishing to create digital talking books. Here, you will find technical information and solutions to develop digital talking books for Voice of DAISY.
By following the instructions below, you will be able to seamlessly view and play digital talking books.

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Voice of DAISY acquires information from the book, such as title and author’s name, from the metadata contained in the ncc.html file.

Mandatory Metadata

The DAISY 2.02 standard defines the following metadata items as mandatory. If any metadata item is missing, DAISY titles won’t open.

dc:creatorAuthor, Creator
dc:dateDate of publication: described in ISO8601 format (yyyy-mm-dd)
dc:formatFormat: Must be "Daisy 2.02"
dc:identifierIdentifier of the DAISY publication
dc:languageLanguage: Described in ISO 639 language codes
ncc:charsetCharacter encoding
ncc:pageFrontPagination of the front page, positive value or 0.
ncc:pageNormalPagination of the body of the book, positive value or 0.
ncc:pageSpecialPagination of the special page, positive value or 0.
ncc:tocItemsPosition of Ncc navigation, positive value.
ncc:totalTimeTotal Playback time


The DAISY 2.02 standard defines the metadata used in identifying DAISY publications. Each needs a unique dc:identifier value. Voice of DAISY uses the value of dc:identifier described in ncc.html to identify the book title. When a title transferred to Voice of DAISY is found to share its ID with a previously transferred one, the app will consider the newer title as an update, and will delete the older one.

If for some reason you don’t wish to overwrite the older title, please turn off the [Overwriting updated books] function.

If you wish to keep those titles sharing the same ID, please turn off the [Overwriting updated books] function.


DAISY 2.02 is standardized with metadata that encodes the format DAISY titles. Six value types can be set on ncc:multimediaType.

ValueDescriptionVoice of DAISY
audioOnlyAudio onlyNot supported
audioNccAudio and NccSupported
audioPartTextAudio and some textNot supported
audioFullTextAudio and full textSupported
textPartAudioText and some AudioNot supported
textNccText and NccNot supported

In those above, the formats supported by Voice of DAISY are audioNcc and audioFullText.
DAISY titles; if the value is not supported by the Voice of DAISY in the metadata of ncc:multimediaType, errors might be caused and the file might not open.


XML engine

Voice of DAISY processes SMIL and HTML files using the original XML engine. This section deals with the XML engine.

Encoding Name

In the head of the XML declaration of SMIL and XML files, the following encoding name (character code name) used in the file is shown.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="エンコーディング名" standalone="yes" ?>

"Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 (Fifth Edition), W3C Recommendation 26 November 2008" recommends to have the encoding name registered by IANA. In such case, the encoding names usable in the XML engine of Voice of DAISY are the following.

us-ascii iso-ir-6 ANSI_X3.4-1968 ANSI_X3.4-1986 ISO_646.irv:1991 ISO646-US us IBM367 cp367 csASCII ASCII
ucs2-le ucs2 ISO-10646-UCS-2 UCS-2 csUnicode UCS-2LE UNICODELITTLE
ucs4-le ucs4 ISO-10646-UCS-4 UCS-4 CSUCS4 UCS-4LE
ucs4-be UCS-4BE
utf-7 utf7 unicode-1-1-utf-7 CSUNICODE11UTF7 csUTF7
utf-8 utf8 csUTF8
utf-8n utf8n
utf-16 csUTF16
utf-32 csUTF32
utf-16be csUTF16BE
utf-16le csUTF16LE
utf-32be csUTF32BE
utf-32le csUTF32LE
iso-2022-jp csISO2022JP
Shift_JIS sjis MS_Kanji csShiftJIS
iso-8859-1 iso-ir-100 ISO_8859-1 latin1 l1 IBM819 CP819 csISOLatin1 ISO8859-1 ISO_8859-1:1987
iso-8859-2 iso-ir-101 ISO_8859-2 latin2 l2 csISOLatin2 ISO8859-2 ISO_8859-2:1987
iso-8859-3 iso-ir-109 ISO_8859-3 latin3 l3 csISOLatin3 ISO8859-3 ISO_8859-3:1988
iso-8859-4 iso-ir-110 ISO_8859-4 latin4 l4 csISOLatin4 ISO8859-4 ISO_8859-4:1988
iso-8859-5 iso-ir-144 ISO_8859-5 cyrillic csISOLatinCyrillic ISO8859-5 ISO_8859-5:1988
iso-8859-6 iso-ir-127 ISO_8859-6 ECMA-114 ASMO-708 arabic csISOLatinArabic ISO8859-6 ISO_8859-6:1987
iso-8859-7 iso-ir-126 ISO_8859-7 ELOT_928 ECMA-118 greek greek8 csISOLatinGreek ISO8859-7 ISO_8859-7:1987
iso-8859-8 iso-ir-138 ISO_8859-8 hebrew csISOLatinHebrew ISO8859-8 ISO_8859-8:1988
iso-8859-9 iso-ir-148 ISO_8859-9 latin5 l5 csISOLatin5 ISO8859-9 ISO_8859-9:1989
iso-8859-10 iso-ir-157 ISO_8859-10 csISOLatin6 l6 latin6 ISO8859-10 ISO_8859-10:1992
iso-8859-13 csISO885913 ISO-IR-179 ISO8859-13 ISO_8859-13 l7 latin7
iso-8859-14 iso-ir-199 ISO_8859-14:1998 ISO_8859-14 latin8 iso-celtic l8 csISO885914
iso-8859-15 ISO_8859-15 Latin-9 csISO885915 ISO-IR-203 ISO8859-15 ISO_8859-15:1998
cp932 SJIS-open SJIS-win MS932
EUC-JP-MS eucJP-MS eucJP-open eucJP-win
windows-1252 cp1252 MS1252 cswindows1252

DAISY titles won’t open if the encoding names are not used according to the chart above.

Old DAISY titles may have unregistered encoding names. Specify the IANA registered encoding names when creating HTML and SMIL files.


Note for zip file

Voice of DAISY uses ZLIB, an open source library, to extract zip files.

Size limit of zip files using ZLIB

Files on ZLIB are limited to 4G. The limit for single files is 2GB.

If your zip file is bigger than 4GB, it must be made using the ZIP64 format instead. However, Voice of DAISY cannot accept ZIP64 format and files over 4GB.

Character Encoding

The zip file contains many different files. Unfortunately, the zip file format does not define the file format and the character encoding for each file name and folder name. Generally, zip files created in Windows use cp1252 encoding in the United States and cp932 in Japan (Japanese Shift-JIS: Microsoft’s extension). For Mac, utf-8 is used for encoding.

When Voice of DAISY is opened with the English or German UIs, zip file names will be created using cp1252. If you still experience errors in playback in spite of a successful extraction, please see the iOS language setting and the adjustment of zip file encoding.

EXE file

SAPIE (Total Information Network for Visually Impaired Persons) uses self-extracting EXE files for the distribution of DAISY digital talking books. This EXE format has a built-in zip function, so files can be opened using Voice of DAISY. We do not support other self-extracting EXE files.